Speaker: Ms. Susan Nishimura
International Business Consultant


Knowing the differences in corporate cultures between countries is critical for businesses to successfully advance in negotiations. For example, American and Japanese corporate cultures differ in such aspects as: executive decision vs. consensus building (“nemawashi”), individual identity vs. corporate identity, and loyalty to company vs. labor union negotiation. Knowing and understanding such differences help businesses in both countries in negotiating effectively and building strong business relationships.

Susan Nishimura, who has over 15 years of experience as a bicultural, bilingual business consultant, will explain some of the corporate cultural differences between the United States and Japan which affect negotiations and long-term business relations. She will give pointers to avoid cultural pitfalls in negotiating and will present techniques, mentalities and practices in negotiating business in a multicultural setting. Ms. Nishimura has promoted intercultural understanding in the U.S., Australia and Japan, particularly in the investment and marketing sectors.