Computer Hardware

Computer Types
You say "Notebook," I say "Netbook" ♬ Let's Call the Whole Thing Mobile
Parts of a Computer
Once again, but now with more detail!
The Motherboard
The foundation of the computer
The CPU (microprocessor)
Brains! Multicore brains!
RAM (Memory)
Thanks for the Random Access Memories ♬
Storage (HDD & SDD)
What? You still have a Hard Drive? What's wrong with you?
Optical Drives
Good for more than scaring away pigeons and crows!
Cables & Ports
Male and female connectors, Oh My!
Cases & Power Supply
Beyond the Beige Box
Output Devices
Monitors & Printers
Input Devices
Keyboards, Mice, and More
External Data Storage
Plugging in more Bytes
DIY Computers
You can build your own computer! Really! I'm serious, come back!